I hope you’re well today. You and your loved ones. It’s quite a journey we’re all on—And you’re in our thoughts everyday. When we go on our daily walks we delve into many topics, and of course with these times being so troubling we talk through it as well. One of the things we always come back to, is that some good will come from this. Hopefully a lot. That may seem hard to fathom right now, but there has to be a silver lining. I’m holding onto that. It brings me peace + calm when I start to feel stormy. Everyday the lupine meadow is part of our walk. It’s where we take our deepest breaths and lose ourselves in nature’s goodness for a sweet small while. I know many cannot get out into nature, so we’re sharing some with you. Sending you love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #natureheals #poeticwanderlust


Hello love! How are you doing? I pray you’re well. I find myself going through everything these days. Emotions galore. Photos. ( note this post I found today from a few years ago) Cookbooks. Closets. Folders. Boxes. Some days I’m on overdrive. A whirling dervish. Other days are a slow motion blur. But everyday... every single day I say aloud a thousand things I am grateful for. Please know , I am grateful for you & I’m sending you love + extra hugs, just Incase you might need them. xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust #gratefuleveryday


I’m curious! As we are all at home, do you wake up + get dressed straightaway? Or are you in your pj’s all day? Either way is good! We all need to do what works for our own situations. I’m a wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed kind-of-a-girl. I think it helps me in many ways. It’s a routine, and I like that. It brings me calm + allows me to move forward in my day right from the start. I even put perfume on the other day for the first time in weeks. I needed it, as small as it sounds. I hope you can feel the sunshine + love I’m sending your way. Be well my darling xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #wakeupandbeawesome


Part 3. Start + Adapt: How We Began First, how are you? We hope well. Our thoughts + prayers are with each of you + your families as we all adapt to these times. Part 3 delves a bit more into how we as a couple have adapted through 30 years of marriage all while working together as entrepreneurs. Thank you for joining us on our journey. Please share more topics you’re interested in. We’re shooting every few days now + our idea list is plump, but we want YOUR ideas! Sending you love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust #entrepreneurcouple #videoseries


This was an impromptu video we shot last night while making dinner. Hope you’ll join us! As per usual @johnclarkporter is his spicy( + wee bit naughty) delicious self! And amazingly—all 4 of our boys pop in since we had no lighting set up! We’re sending you love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #whatsfordinner


Part 2 Start + Adapt : How We Began In all honesty, I question everything I post these days. I know I’m not alone in these feelings. I want to inspire with my posts. Inspire hope, love, beauty, comfort...my list is endless. But I realize in these distressing times, beauty or inspiration of my kind may not suit some. I’m trying to give you a moment of calm. I hope you can feel this in my posts + stories. Each of us has something to share that might help others. Inspiration is what I know how to give. I’m sharing it with love. xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #inspiringothers #entrepreneurcouple


How are you finding calm in your days? I’m a creature of routine, and I feel the need to be productive everyday. It’s my calm. Even in these troublesome times I find being productive soothing. And that goes beyond my day to work routine. I find cooking + baking do the trick as well. So does a good workout. Basically— things that make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. And then when the evening rolls around I have a cocktail, a hot shower, candles + a fire. A nice homemade dinner around the table with our family. Balance is a great relaxer. I know it’s different for everyone. These are good times to share how you cope, find light + comfort. You never know how you might inspire someone in need. Sending you love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #onlineboutiqueshopping #photocredunknown #comfort


I hope you are able to lose yourself in something beautiful today. Sending you love xxx #onlineboutiqueshopping #theportercollective #tracyporter


We’ve always loved hearing entrepreneurs stories of their beginnings. The imperfect yet oddly right timing. The starts + stops. The mistakes. The adapting. Here’s a bit of our story, part one. Hope you’re finding beauty in your day, in whatever way you can. Sending you love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #entrepreneurcouple


Dear hearts, I wanted to let you know that our family is still shipping our goods with love! As a small biz—we are so grateful for every order that comes into our online store theportercollective.com Thank you, thank you ! Sending you love from the countryside. xxx #smallbusinessmatters #sendingloveandlight #theportercollective #tracyporter


Dear hearts, I wanted to let you know that our family is still shipping our goods with love + as a small biz— we are so grateful for every order that comes into our online store, theportercollective.com Also, Thank you so much for your heartfelt birthday messages! So lovely of you! I continue to share goodness in my stories day + night. Our daily walks, our family dinners, little things that I hope will bring you a moment of calm + comfort. Sending you love from the countryside xxx #smallbusinessowner #familybuisness #theportercollective #tracyporter #smallbusinessmatters


Keep being your truest beautiful self no matter what xxx . . #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust #artistunknownpleaseidentify


Hello gorgeous! Hope your week is off to a skippy start! Here’s another unedited. For those of you who have not seen this series, we began making them because we have 4 boys and we thought later in life they might enjoy these snippets of their parents lobbing questions at each other. We’re gratefully going on our 29th year of marriage come August, and have been through much, as we have worked together all these years. You learn a lot through all the valleys + hills in a long relationship. Most importantly you learn you must be true to yourself, and your partner must also be true to themselves. To us, it’s how you embrace the deliciousness of marriage—highs, lows...and every morsel in between. Sending you love from the countryside xxx @johnclarkporter #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust #entrepreneurcouple #creativecouples #4boyschangedmylife #unedited


Spring ready... Just in time for your wardrobe refresh. Come check out our new goods! at theportercollective.com Cheers + love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust #onlineboutiqueshopping #springfashion2020 #wardroberefresh


I went to make another cup of tea earlier and upon walking into our kitchen I found a portly song bird hopping about pecking for crumbs. It was so sweet. And then as I filled the kettle it hopped toward the open door and went outside. Thank goodness not cats saw her! And on that note, here’s a bit more spring. Aren’t the pinks enchanting! Also, I noticed last night the Lady Banks climbing roses are blooming in their lovely buttery yellowness.AND— yesterday morning first thing I walked outside and saw the most glorious sight! The sheep— all Snow White— gracing in the lupines on the hilltop just above the marine layer of fogginess. I am certain the brilliance of the green, with the white + vibrant periwinkle is etched in my mind forever. A good thing for sure! It’s raining now, and it smells like worms + oxygen. I’m lighting candles and John is about to make a huge pot of clam chowder and a loaf of pull apart garlic cheese bread. Sounds pretty scrumptious to me! Sending you love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust #springwishes


Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air. Happy day m’love xxx #emerson #theportercollective #tracyporter #curatedboutique #onlineboutiqueshopping


Hope you’re able to get out into nature this weekend. It’s the most beautiful way to renew oneself. Sending love + goodness from the countryside. Cheers xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust #natureinspired #countrygirl #photogunknown #lovenaturesbeauty


Don’t forget today is the perfect day to begin. You can always... Start small. Be afraid and jump anyway. Be any age. Be brave or not. Be a work in progress. Not know exactly how to do everything. Starting is what matters, it will evolve regardless of what you think you’re supposed to know. Trust yourself. You got this! Also...lots of new goodness @theportercollective this week! Sending you love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust @theportercollective #ootdvideo #whattoweartoday #springfashion2020


At least once a week we make big old griddled sandwiches. Crowd pleasers matter when you have four teenage boys who eat as much as ours do. This is one of those dinners that's super easy and if there are leftovers, they don't last long the next day. A vegan version of this would be fabulous, but our boys like meat in their sandwiches so we go for it and layer things up. These are incredibly satisfying, and while I'm not a huge sandwich person, I cannot resist these. I often make an aioli and slather it on thick, it's usually Gus who ask for that as he scoots his way out the door for basketball practice knowing he's coming home to these beauties. But mayo and mustard do the trick too. Or, thousand island...oh...better yet, blue cheese dressing...yeah perfect. There's no wrong way to concoct a hearty sandwich, for us it sort of comes down to what's on hand. We often add leftovers into these, if there are any. This is one dinner we make that many of you have seen in our stories, and have asked for a video. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers + love from our country kitchen to yours! xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust #4boyschangedmylife #whatsfordinner #coupleswhocooktogether #entrepreneurcouple


If you are new to us, you may not know that besides our scrumptious brand The Porter Collective, we have another delightfully spirited brand — POETIC WANDERLUST @tracyporter_poeticwanderlust we design layers of gorgeous bedding, bath , textiles + other home goods that you can find online at Bed Bath + Beyond, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Belk. Lots of goodies in the pipeline! Hope you’ll check us out! Cheers + love from the countryside xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust


Our pup Royal + I take a brisk early eve walk each day, always looking for new happenings in nature. The peach trees are in glorious full bloom— truly a sight! The eucalyptus too. Bees giddy + buzzing about the blossoms. We love stopping to see the horses along the way, they always provide a sassy performance of snorting + galloping, before they stop for a hello. Also we look for the donkeys + cows if they are by the fences + care to chat or get a scratching. A small herd of sheep guarded by a few emu, all grazing on hillsides cloaked with periwinkle colored lupines are truly picturesque. The emu have 2 giant teal colored eggs. I’ve never in my life seen eggs this color. The pond too is also a daily must visit, the massive orange carp seem to be ready to lay eggs near the ponds edges soon as they linger for long bits of time. The pond side smell is magnificent, honey sweet + earthy. The red winged black birds are out in force... making me recall walks down my long childhood country driveway on Artesian Road. Oh, and—sweet peas are coming up between the vineyard rows, I can hardly wait for them to bloom. Sending you love + kisses from the countryside! xxx #theportercollective #tracyporter #poeticwanderlust


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